About Our Team

Professionalism and commitment are the key

Ricardo Torres

Ricardo Torres has a Degree in Translation and Interpretation and a Masters degree in teaching languages. He is specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and has over eight years’ experience in teaching  both general and specific Spanish courses in a range of institutions and language centres. Ricardo is accredited by the Cervantes Institute as an examiner at every level of DELE. He has more than 6 years’ experience preparing candidates for examinations.

Almudena Corral

Almudena has a Degree in Journalism and Comparative literature and has more than ten years teaching experience. She is a dedicated teacher with a passion for learning and has worked in academies, higher education centers and universities throughout Europe. She has spent most of her career in Italy and the Benelux countries and also has experience in delivering courses online.

Lola Gamboa

Lola teaches legal Spanish courses as well as English lessons at the Chamber. She is a lawyer, is CELTA qualified and has more than 15 years’ experience as a teacher. She is also a teacher trainer and is specialised in using ICT both online and in the classroom. She is Head of the Languages Department both at the Malaga Chamber of Commerce and the Malaga Bar Association.


Communicative approach

We seriously believe that learning language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. When learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition will be used, and this will allow them to learn to use the language.


Lesson planning

Most good language teachers are acutely aware of the importance of lesson planning and keep on planning their lessons throughout their teaching career. A plan shows the students that their teacher has devoted time to thinking about them and their needs. 

Learning for real life

Our aim is to get students ready for real life situations. Our students are mostly adults looking to step up the game in their careers and we train them in the language skills that they will certainly need to cope successfully in the professional world.

Passionate teachers

Passion takes teachers from being merely good to great. An inspirational teacher can have a direct impact on careers. We only hire teachers that feel that enthusiasm for their subject and are able to communicate this. Indeed they cannot hide it. You can’t easily fake passion – or at least not over a sustained period.

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