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At the Malaga Chamber of Commerce we can offer you general Spanish courses, ranging from levels A1 to C1 of the Common European Framework Reference for Languages. In our courses you will receive comprehensive training in each of the four skill areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Lessons are interactive and delivered with a communicative and hands-on approach.



This course is for you if:

You are over 18 and interested in learning, practising and improving your knowledge of Spanish language and culture within a dynamic learning environment. In the classroom you will master different language skills with a particular focus on the spoken word, where you will improve both your fluency and accuracy in Spanish. The maximum number  per group is strictly limited to 10 students. Your group will be assigned based on your results in an entrance test.



Course content

For this course you will use the textbook Aula Internacional Nueva Edición (published by Difusión), Please note that the price of the textbook is not included in the course fee. Click on each level to access the corresponding programme:




You will learn how to:

  • Identify people, places and objects
  • Describe people, places, objects and states
  • Compare people, objects, places, situations and actions
  • Explain your reasons for learning Spanish
  • Express routine actions and use the present tense

You will learn how to:


  • Compare people, places and situations.
  • Talk about routine actions and situations and use the present tense.
  • Talk about past actions and situations. (Pretérito perfecto, indefinido e imperfecto)
  • Talk about plans and projects.
  • Express intentions.
  • Talk about the weather.

You will learn how to:

  • Speak about the past.
  • Express an action which began in the past and which continues into the present.
  • Express aptitud.
  • Define personality.
  • Express why something happened.
  • Express probability.
  • Talk about moods: happiness, sadness and surprise.
  • Give information about a place.
  • Express desires and plans for the future.
  • Ask about and provide information of a cultural nature.
  • Speak about personal relationships.

You will learn how to:

  • Ask for and give advice and how to react to it
  • Refer to what other people said
  • Express opinions (agreement or disagreement) and support them
  • Make suggestions and react in favour of or against them
  • Describe life somewhere
  • Talk about advantages and disadvantages
  • Talk about past events and anecdotes
  • Talk about frequency and duration
  • Refer to simultaneous actions
  • Talk about something that is about to happen
  • Arrange appointments
  • Set conditions regarding actions
  • Describe and rate a performance
  • Describe customs, traditions and social behaviour

You will learn how to:

  • Describe physical appearance and personality.
  • Make judgments and evaluations
  • Tell stories and express connections between actions
  • Correct mistaken information
  • Make definitions
  • Give instructions
  • Give and ask for opinions
  • Give advice
  • Persuade and convince
  • Express agreement or disagreement with specific reference to a particular point made
  • Express doubts and reservations

Course details:

  • Start dates: courses begin every Monday
  • 3 lessons every day (40 minutes)
  • Monday to Friday
  • Location: the course will take place at the Business School of the Malaga Chamber of Commerce, on calle Pedro de Toledo 1, 5th floor.
Almudena Corral


Your teacher

Almudena Corral has a Degree in Journalism and Comparative literature and has more than ten years teaching experience. Corral is a dedicated teacher with a passion for learning and has worked in academies, higher education centers and universities throughout Europe. She has spent most of her career in Italy and the Benelux countries and also has experience in delivering courses online.


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Other teachers

Ricardo Torres

Ricardo Torres


Ricardo is a teacher with a Degree in Translation and Interpretation and a Masters degree in teaching languages. He is specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and has over eight years’ experience in teaching  both general and specific Spanish courses in a range of institutions and language centres.


Rocío García

Rocío García


Rocio is specialised in law and in training legal translators and interpreters in courses taught at the Malaga Bar Association. She is also an online tutor.


Lola Gamboa

Lola Gamboa


Lola teaches legal Spanish courses as well as English lessons at the Chamber. She is a lawyer, is CELTA qualified and is a teacher trainer. She is specialised in using ICT both online and in the classroom.